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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

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600mg (20mg/ml) high quality broad spectrum CBD oil available in 5 great tasting flavors: Natural, Lemon Citrus, Orange Citrus, Peppermint and Spearmint.



A common question we receive from people is, "What are these specks in my CBD oil?".  First of all, it is important to know that the specks you see are not solid particulates.  They are actually oil.  We use a proprietary ethanol extraction method that strips ALL the compounds out of the hemp plant.  This means that both extreme polar and non-polar compounds are extracted.  Other extraction methods that are used do not due this, particularly CO2 based extractions.  The oil spots that you see are actually extreme, heavy, polar compounds.  Typically when you get above a mg strength of 600mg, the MCT oil is not capable of keeping these heavy, extreme, polar compounds dissolved.  As a result these compounds fall out of solution and stay suspended in the MCT oil.  A lot of companies consider this to be "diry" oil.  To fix that problem they will "clean" the oil through distillation, thus creating what is called a distillate oil.  Distillation removes these heavy polar compounds and makes the oil look "clean".  When you look at a distillate oil it will appear to be a light brown, honey looking oil.  This is considered "clean", but it is now lacking heavy polar compounds.  It is our philosophy to give our customers everything that is available in the plant. We do not remove these heavy polar compounds.  You can rest assure that when you take a Silver Moon Nutraceuticals product you are getting the very best and every available compound in the hemp plant is being delivered to you through our tinctures.  This is important, especially as it concerns the entourage effect.  So remember, if you are taking an oil that is over 600mg and do not see specks of oil in your dropper, it probably means that the extreme, heavy polar compounds are not present.


PURE We start with pure organic ingredients, such as USA grown Hemp acquired from only the best and trusted sources. We analyze and qualify each batch of sourced material against internal purity standards followed up with third party testing, checking for pesticides, as well as heavy metals. It is then blended and packaged in a laboratory environment, under strict controls, to deliver the purest and most trusted product on the market.


POWERFULThe delivery of powerful effects is defined by the extensive research that has been applied during its development phase. We deliver unparalleled effectiveness in easing a multitude of ailments and complaints.


POTENT We employ proprietary extraction and blending technology to ensure each batch of provides maximum benefits by allowing the effective chemical compounds to efficiently cross the blood brain barrier. This potent process allows the user to experience effects within seconds, and others within minutes. Trust Silver Moon NutraceuticalsTM to deliver the Pure, Potent and Powerful relief you have been looking for.


Refuel your endocannabinoid system with our broad spectrum oil!




Our full spectrum CBD oil comes in a 30ml bottles size and is available in 5 great tasting flavors.  The dropper holds 1ml of liquid (20mg per ml).  Place 1 full dropper of liquid under tongue and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing.  If symptoms persist after a few days of use then slowly begin to increase the dosage.







These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before using any nutraceutical product. Use this product at your own risk.

Abby Abbott
12-13-2017 05:27 PM
I have suffered with migraine headaches for over 35 years. They have intensified in frequency and pain level to the point where my life has been so negatively impacted and the pain too much to bear. I have been to every specialist, have gone through allergy therapy, acupuncture therapy, and new age-type therapy there is, have used four different prescriptions and every OTC product for pain, and have even gone to the Mayo Clinic praying they could help me identify the root cause and provide relief.

My brother sent me a bottle of your CBD Oil in October. I cannot even begin to express how effective this product is in GETTING RID OF my migraine headaches almost instantaneously!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for providing such an amazing, effective and safe product. It has truly changed my life for the better.
02-17-2018 03:27 PM
I am half way thru my first bottle of non-flavored CBD oil and I love the fast and long effectiveness of your product. I discontinued use of MLM CBD product due to the alcohol and mass production of it and am so happy to find your product - and local!

I was having joint pain and sluggish; realized I hadn’t had any CBD in a few weeks. Went to my local health store and found your product- took it in the parking lot waited just a bit and was ready for the rest of my day in peaceful / pain free way.

Thank you.
03-29-2018 02:00 AM
Amazing product, not enough words 2 describe the positive aspects this oil has brought into my life. It helps my clinical depression & anxiety, while also alleviating bad side effects from my ADD prescription (intense anger, racing heart & mood problems. it complements the RX well, won’t take w/o CBD). Gave a friend w/ anxiety half a dose, & shes planning on getting her own. I cannot elaborate enough how this product has given me hope w/ my list of issues, without paranoia that may come from THC. It allows me 2 legally get the medicinal benefits of extracts of cannabis. I am 4 sure a life long customer. I dont like smokin so this has been so fantastic 4 me. So happy it’s local, the citrus flavor is DELICIOUS! this product put an end 2 my search 4 effective help for my extreme mental challenges.
11-09-2018 10:22 AM
I started using your product after a steroid injection for bursitis in my hip didn’t seem to help. After 7 days of taking this plus rubbing hemp cream on the area, I am almost pain free. I leave the oil under my tongue for 60-90 Seconds. I am 100% pleased.
01-16-2019 08:03 PM
Amazing. It helps with my anxiety so much and I love that it is local
07-01-2019 07:29 PM
I order this online. I've ordered it 4-5 times. I've tried other brands. I like the earthy flavors and no odd aftertaste to the flavor.
One Happy Daughter
11-23-2019 03:13 AM
Has helped tremendously with my 95 year old Mother’s inflammation and subsequent anger / anxiety. She has been using the 600mg Orange Citrus and likes it. She is on her 4th bottle, with no adverse side effects.
Ray H
05-09-2020 08:12 PM
Tried the oil and the rub, each are great. The oil flavor was extremely good (Citrus) and the rub works great on sore muscles and neck pain. Great product
04-06-2021 09:49 PM
Bryan A
I use 600 mg of the silver moon cbd & it has worked better to stop my pain than any drug that I have used for my one ruptured disc & my bulging disc in my lower back & I have been using it for over three years. It’s a lifesaver for my back pain.

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