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Outworld Botanicals Gummy Squares




If you have tried Crazy Sauce™ then you will love Outworld Botanical's Gummy Squares.  It is a unique blend of hemp derived cannabinoids placed into a gummy square that gives a euphoric like effect which lasts around 4 hours. Effects generally will be felt 30 minutes after consumption.  It is not as potent as Crazy Sauce, which some people prefer.  It also does not last as long as Crazy Sauce.  Crazy Sauce is the equivalent to taking 4 of the Outworld Botanicals gummies.

Must be 18 years of age or older to consume this product. It is your responsibility to keep away from children.

Sold in jars that contains 10 gummies.

For more information about Crazy Sauce™ visit Outworld Botanicals website.


Delta 9 Cookie

The absolute best tasting, most effective hemp derived delta 9 cookie on earth. Available is several flavors and 25mg or 50mg strength.