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Nothing can compete with KAVANOLTM because it is not a CBD product. It is a revolutionary nutraceutical formulation that contains a portion of CBD for its properties. Our research backed formulation also contains a proprietary Kava extraction and isolated terpenes to deliver the amazing benefits that a CBD product cannot.

KAVANOLTM is not formulated to get you “high”.

The formulated effects of KAVANOLTM are for promoting the temporary relief of anxiety, promoting relaxation and aiding focus. The FDA restricts what can be said about a product, and even if extensive research has been executed over decades, without their “blessing” we cannot say that the product can aid in helping anxiety, with sleeplessness, mental fatigue, minor relief of headaches and migraines and sometimes general pain.

Most companies test for THC. KAVANOLTM does not contain THC and the proprietary Kava extraction is 100% legal in the United States.

Unfortunately, no company can warrant the effectiveness of a nutraceutical product since every person is different. Use at your own risk. The flavor and taste of this product is authentic, and no refunds are made based on personal taste. The tank IS warranted against leakage in the unopened package. Once package is opened we cannot be held responsible for consumer handling.

“250mg” and “500mg” is the total amount of liquid in the vaporizer. The CBD “mg” amount on the sticker is the proportion of CBD contained in the amount of liquid only.

The vaporizing unit below the tank can hold over 300 mg of liquid which means that the tank, in many cases for 250 mg units, may not have any liquid shown in the tank portion. This is normal. Rest assured we use expensive FDA approved filling equipment and qualification processes to verify that the proper amount of liquid is filled into each vaporizing unit.

Silver Moon Nutraceuticals manufacturers its products in an ISO laboratory and packaged under strict supervision. It was formulated by experienced research scientists and professionals using decades of available worldwide research. Due to the effective nature of the product, each user will find their own tolerance for KAVANOLTM, but when used as directed KAVANOLTM is safe. Follow all directions on the package and view all other information at our website (

Unopened packages of KAVANOLTM may be returned for a 20% restocking fee within 30 days of purchase if purchased through Silver Moon Nutraceuticals, LLC. See store for their individual policies. Opened packages and their contents may not be returned.

Exceeding explicate dosage instructions for any product, including KAVANOLTM, is outside the safety limits of the product, therefore, never exceed the recommended use listed on the package.

Most common side effect will be sleepiness. For this reason do not take KAVANOLTM with alcohol or any other depressant, and never exceed recommended use listed on the packaging.

KAVANOLTM is a unique and proprietary formulation blend, and designed for vaporizing.

The effects of KAVANOLTM vary from person to person, but generally speaking 1 – 4 hours.

This is a normal process due to natural oxidation. This does not affect product effectiveness.

Call Silver Moon Nutraceuticals at (828) 712-1931.

No, KAVANOLTM does not contain nicotine and is not a tobacco product that is subject to FDA tobacco regulations.

We do not recommend, endorse, or warranty any such use of KAVANOLTM. Therefore, No.

This is normal due to the constituents of the Kava extract. It will go away within 20 – 30 minutes.

Wash your hands with water only so as not to spread KAVANOLTM in your eyes or any other unwanted place.

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